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Credit Reference Agency gives UK consumers access to their credit reference files. See your own credit agency report instantly online and see the information that financial companies and lenders see about you.

If you are in business, Credit Reference Agency can help you credit check any UK business customers online and minimise your credit risk. The services we provide are favoured by credit controllers and senior financial decision makers in large and small businesses.

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Put the most comprehensive UK credit reference agency information in your hands - today.

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The easiest way to see your own credit report straight from the credit agency files. Simply enter your details and choose the service you want, then pay by credit card - and your credit report is there to view immediately. 10/10

Credit Reference Agency Services

All UK individuals have a legal right to see personal information recorded on credit reference agency files. held about them, including the information which banks and other lenders see when they get a report on you. The traditional method for people to access their personal data was by post and then waiting for the credit agency to respond, either to confirm your identity, or with a copy of your credit file. But nowadays you can find out what's on your own credit reference agency file by applying online.

  • Find out what information is recorded about you on your credit reference report
  • See which companies and lenders are contributing records about you to the credit agency
  • Check whether there is any information which should not be on your report

Corporate Credit Agency
Find information and credit ratings on any UK business - we offer a link to one of the UK's market leaders in business credit referencing. With reports on all UK companies and credit profiles on sole traders and partnerships, you can reduce the risk of extending credit whoever you do business with.

International Credit Reference Reports
Doing business overseas can inherently increase the risk. Knowing who you are doing business with is easier with international credit reports and company information.

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Your Credit Data Online
See your credit files online - take a one-off look at your full file as seen and used by financial lenders
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Monitor Changes
Protect your score and status from missed payments and ID theft ?get alerts to record changes
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Are you a business needing status checks on consumers or companies? See our commercial services
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How do credit reference agency scores work?
If you have ever been declined credit it can be concerning. Before deciding to grant credit or approve you for a loan or finance agreement, most lenders will check your credit record using a credit reference agency. The credit agency will not make the actual decision or dictate the the credit limit that you are awarded, this is something determined by the lenders. A credit reference agency may include a risk score on their report, which can give the lender a benchmark against which to consider your credit status. Credit reference risk scores are calculated by the agency on the basis of how your credit profile compares with that of the population as a whole. Some factors are known to represent an increased credit default risk, while other factors can be typical of prompt and reliable credit repayment. A credit score takes account of whether or not you are registered on the Electoral Roll and any previous addresses and how long you were resident at each. This gives lenders an indication of how nomadic your lifestyle and whether you appear to move frequently. Another factor is how promptly you pay your monthly credit account and utility bills and whether you have got into arrears or regularly missed payments. Any CCJs (county court judgments) or bankruptcy records are shown on file.

Who uses credit reference files?
Organisations that use credit agency information include utility and telecommunications companies, banks and building societies, finance and hire purchase companies, and credit card and store cards. To access credit files requires a licence and the purposes for which access is possible is subject to specific criteria, so not all companies can investigate credit reference agency files.

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